Lecture series: Gender Studies meets Human-Animal Studies in Berlin

The interdisciplinary lecture series Gender Studies meets Human-Animal Studies sets out to to foster the (inter-)connection of two fields of research which establish a bridge between socio-political issues and academic research. Researchers from a variety of different disciplines like anthropology, biology, cultural studies, ethnology, fine and visual arts, literary studies, history, legal studies and sociology connect central questions around sex, sexuality and gender with interspecies relations.

By means of different theoretical frameworks and methodologies it will be explored how intra-human systems of oppression and dominance shape, influence and inform interspecies systems of oppression and dominance and how they are articulated through material-discursive assemblages. Some researchers will be exploring how posthumanisms may help to reconceptualise predominant binary epistemologies and ontologies of the theory tradition of the Global North. Others aim to expand and refine the concept of intersectionality. Furthermore, some of the speakers will focus on queering human-animal relations insofar as sexuality and gender identity will be the central theme of their presentation.


When: 16.04.2019 – 09.07.2019

Where: Humboldt University Berlin, Hörsaal 1072 Hauptgebäude Unter den Linden 6


Download the programm here