ECHAS – European Confederation for Human Animal Studies

Invitation to the ECHAS preparatory meeting

The Chimaira research group for Human-Animal Studies is planning to set up a Europe-wide network for Human-Animal Studies (ECHAS) and we are looking for ambitious co-workers who would like to tackle this project together with us. If you are interested we would like to meet you at our first preparatory meeting which will take place in Berlin from the 14th to the 16th of July 2017.
You can find detailed information about the project in “About ECHAS, Chimaira and the funding programs”.

If you want to take part please complete this form until the 1st of June:

Due to limited space, our first preparatory meeting in Berlin is restricted to a maximum of twenty participants, which means that we will have to invite participants according to the regulations of the EU funding programs (especially based on geographical criteria), if there are more than twenty applications.

The fee will be 180 Euros for those whose costs will be covered by their Universities and 30 Euros for all others. We need to charge approximately 110 Euro per person to cover our expenses and decided for a model in which those who don’t have to pay themselves support those who have. If you would like to participate but cannot afford 30 Euros, please do not hesitate to apply. We do not want to exclude any person due to financial matters.

The fee does include the catering for the lunches as well as dining out in the evenings, a subsidy to the travel expenses for those who have a limited budget, and the office supplies and printed materials, as well as the cost for the venue. It does not cover accommodation or breakfast. We can help with private accommodation though, for those with a limited budget.

For more informations see the following PDFs:
Invitation to the ECHAS preparatory meeting, time table and project mind map
About ECHAS, Chimaira and the funding programs