Invitation to the second ECHAS meeting in Lund, Sweden

We kindly invite you to the second ECHAS meeting in Lund, on October 29, subsequent to the 5th European Conference for Critical Animal Studies. After the first successful meeting in July in Berlin we want to discuss further steps with you and look back on the COST application process.

The meeting will start at 9 a.m. and end at 2 p.m. The place will be announced soon.

The Chimaira research group

The Chimaira research group for Human Animal Studies has devoted itself to the interdisciplinary research of societal human-animal relationships. We are an open network of scientists and pursue the following goals with our work:

  • to bring together researchers, students and PhD students who are active in this field of research and to offer them a starting point,
  • to enable a scientifically sound discussion on the subject on a broad scale by bringing together the scientific and societal debate about human-animal relationships,
  • to support students, with regard to contents, who are writing about Human-Animal related topics (for example within the framework of research-workshops or colloquia),
  • to contribute to the empirical data and the development of theory within the research field,
  • to analyze and criticize societal human-animal relations and
  • to intervene in this political theory as well as to give impulses to human-animal studies through scientific research, publications and events.

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