Chimaira AK | Arbeitskreis für Human-Animal Studies

About the Chimaira research group

The Chimaira research group for Human Animal Studies has devoted itself to the interdisciplinary research of societal human-animal relationships. We are an open network of scientists and pursue the following goals with our work:


  • to bring together researchers, students and PhD students who are active in this field of research and to offer them a starting point,
  • to enable a scientifically sound discussion on the subject on a broad scale by bringing together the scientific and societal debate about human-animal relationships,
  • to support students, with regard to contents, who are writing about Human-Animal related topics (for example within the framework of research-workshops or colloquia),
  • to contribute to the empirical data and the development of theory within the research field,
  • to analyze and criticize societal human-animal relations and
  • to intervene in this political theory as well as to give impulses to human-animal studies through scientific research, publications and events.